Welcome Message


It is my great pleasure, and honor to introduce the Korean Neuromuscular Meeting (KNM). The KNM was established in 1995. During the past 20 years, KNM members have made major contributions for understanding fundamental neuromuscular physiology and pharmacology. Through continuous research, we have also greatly improved the safety of neuromuscular blockade and its reverse in the clinical field of anesthesia in Korea.

Our most recent annual meeting was held in Jeonju city, a beautiful Korean city with an amazing history on April 30, 2016. During the meeting, we have discussed many important issues including the development of an evidence-based clinical guideline, an updated review for the use of sugammadex in pediatric patients, and the use of a deep neuromuscular block during laparoscopic surgery. I strongly believe that the KNM will continuously provide significant contributions regarding neuromuscular blockade academically and clinically. I would also like to invite physicians worldwide to have interest in our meeting and hope to see you in the near future.

Thank you.

July 2016
The Korean Neuromuscular Meeting
President Yong Sup Shin, MD, PhD